The importance of a contactless sign-in process in keeping your visitors safe

29 JUN 2021
Best Practices

The significance of personal hygiene has been emphasized, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. Besides making masks compulsory and stressing on the importance of following social distancing rules, contactless interaction with the workplace removes the greatest concerns of the guests. Visitors can now have the peace of mind that they are in fact free from the threat of coronavirus through contactless facilities.

Visitor Safe

The emergence of a contactless visitor sign-in process

Through this, the guests and office staff are safeguarded, and there is a seamless visitor experience. The sign-in process becomes safer, and your business will be rapid in taking up health and safety guidelines.

First, let us explain what is a touchless technology. It is a gesture management process letting users to control computers without any physical input. The modern touchless technologies are created such that they help in making the environment safe.

How can a contactless sign-in process be beneficial for everyone in your office?

Taking into consideration everything that the user needs is the key to creating a better contactless sign-in process. The visitors are given the ease of not bothering with sign-in. Rather than trying to solve the concerns while your guests wait in the reception, you can gather important details about your guest and ensure that any relevant actions are taken care of before their visit.

How to make your sign-in a hassle-free and contact-free process?

  • The first step which is very essential is to share the details of your office directions in your invitation to your guest. You can also include the landmark places so that the guest finds it easy to reach the office.
  • The process of signing any documents or taking photos can be done before itself so that when they reach your office all they have to do is scan the QR code from their invitation.
  • Next, you can print badges instead of giving hand-written ones to your guests. The front office team needn’t be involved in this, and the guest can do it by himself/herself.
  • Handshake is one of the most traditional and cordial form of greeting someone. However, keeping in mind the safety practices, you can literally just say hello in an amiable manner, wave at that person, give a nice head nod, etc.

Take-home message

The beauty of contactless visitor management system is that it is an added benefit to your facility that’s not limited only to the pandemic. Contactless is simple and hygienic whether or not corona virus persists.

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