How do you keep your tenants happy?

24 MAY 2018
Best Practices

Visitor management system 101 says that there are three main entities in the system - Tenant, Security, and the Visitor. The visitor tries to get into the facility, the tenant allows the visitor to get into the facility and security that carries out the job of allowing the visitor inside the facility.

Sounds simple, right?

Yes. It is simple as long as the entities are singular in number. But as the number increases, so does the complexity of the process. And when the number of visitor increases to 100s and 1000s then the system evolves to something supremely complicated called Multi-Tenant visitor management system.

And to keep a tenant of a multi-tenant facility happy is of paramount importance to any facility owner for the simple reason that they are the ones who bring in the money.

So to keep the tenants happy should be your first, second, and third priority.

And we are here to help you with that. However, I need to warn that the following points as you read will make you face palm. They will make you think, 'Of course I know this, anyone who runs a facility would know this, these are the basics'. And that is the exact reason why we are doing this, are you implementing the basics correctly. So treat the following points more like checkpoints.

Listen to what they need

The system should be fully configurable. If the tenant wants a new feature that he thinks will better the process, then go ahead and make it happen. If the said feature can be used for every other tenant, then you can implement that to your overall visitor management system. The key is to constantly listen to your tenants; they are your best bet to create a perfect system.

Get the basics right

More than a streamlined process to manage visitors, security is the main reason why visitor management system was introduced in the first place. So it goes without saying that getting the facility secure for all your tenants is what going to make or break your system.

The system should be easy to integrate and operate. It is easier said than done, especially with multi-tenancy. Therefore it would be great if your system can consistently innovate and evolve into incorporating new ideas seamlessly.

The tenant employees should have access to the data entry, visitor tracking, and report generation. Doing this enables your security to focus on other works and improve overall efficiency.

The tenant employee, tenant receptionist, and the facility security should all be in sync regarding the incoming visitor. The system had to be designed in such where every acting player is aware of what's happening.

One overlooked aspect of visitor management system is that its players sometimes end up doing tasks they are not assigned. It is necessary that the system has multiple level of access and unauthorized visitors and employees are kept out of areas they are not allowed into.

The Tenant is the King

Give the tenants control by giving their own portal. They should full access in creating, modifying, and cancelling appointments and even override certain functions of the facility security if they believe the said function will compromise their security in any form. Tenants should also have full access to who is coming in, going out, and staying in their building real-time. A tenant portal can go a long way in granting them that power.

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