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06 SEP 2022
Best Practices

The overall management of an organization's materials is automated by a gate pass management system software with non-error and in less time.

Visitor Management System

•  Materials can be inbound or outbound. Moreover, it can be returnable or not and can be transferred between parties.

•  Frequent manual material gate pass procedures include laborious paperwork and drawn-out procedures, and during this process mistakes and delays are common.

•  Manual passes have lots of drawbacks, which are removed by a gate pass management system. Daily problems include ineffective tracking from start to finish, a shortage of material data that can be used, a lack of communication or transparency among the various departments involved in the gate pass procedure, etc.

Why is there a need for an automated system?

1. Incorporate various levels for authorities and approvers.

Before items may transfer from one location to another, they must have approval from various levels of authority. According to company needs, one can add or remove any tiers of the approving authority.

2. A gate pass can be approved everywhere by the approvers.

The approval of any pass in a material gate pass management system does not require a physical signature. A pass can be approved by an authorized person from any location in the world. The lack of availability of people does not cause the procedure to stall.

3. It generates various types of gate passes.

Returnable gate pass and non-returnable gate pass is the two major kinds of gate passes. Tracking both RGPs and NRGPs is made easier by a material gate pass management system. However, any kind of material gate pass can be made for any use, depending on the particular requirements of an organization or a material classification. For transferable materials, for instance, a material gate pass management system can speed up procedures.

4. Time-saving Quick Notifications & Approvals

A manual gate pass that is printed on paper takes a long time to create. The document-based gate pass requires a great deal of reliance, from submitting a request to having it validated by the appropriate authorities for delivery. It gets rid of problems like delays brought on by approver absence, lost, or misplaced passes, incorrectly entered information, etc. When it comes to returnable things, the appropriate person is informed if the items don't arrive by the deadlines. Therefore, the required and appropriate action can be taken in such a situation.

Companies still use handwritten passes to monitor their materials, even in the digital world. Paper passes and forms are inefficient for keeping track of any information about the material movement. Multiple operations and security issues can take place by manual methods as compared to automated gate passes. Such kinds of problem scenarios can simply be resolved by an automated material gate pass management system. The entire material gate pass procedure has been made digital and more affordable for organizations, corporations, and apartment buildings with the introduction of cloud and mobile technology.

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