How Gate Pass Improves the Management of Material Movement

30 AUG 2022
Best Practices

The overall operation of any organization determines their need. In the case of manual material gate pass, small organizations cannot afford to waste time noting everything on registers when they can invest the same time in other ongoing tasks. Furthermore, in large organizations, millions of tonnes of material enter and leave the organization, so manual gate passes are not possible. If the organization continues to do this, human error can occur on a large scale.

Visitor Management System

1.  Things get more complicated when capital goods are involved, which makes the approval workflow different from the normal flow.

2.  The process is further delayed if the approving person is not in the office. The gate pass is duplicated three times for transporting items.

3.  The authenticated user signs the gate pass for material. One of the passes will be kept by the security staff at the entrance, and two copies will be delivered to the person responsible for the movement (often the driver). The driver will hold onto the second copy until the delivery gets to its intended location.

The material gate pass system automates passes. End-to-end RGP & NRGP material gate pass operations are automated by creating a configurable, functionality-rich material gate pass. For instance, a user could rapidly create a digital form with unique fields for a material transfer request and notify the authorizer via alerts. No matter where they are, the authorized person can authorize the content transfer on their phone, saving time and resources.

Below are the key aspects that are enhanced and improved by the automated gate pass system:

1. Facilitating HTTPS-based accessibility

2. Vulnerability eradication

3. Automatic patch distribution

4. Customized email templates

5. Escalation to support teams

6. An approval via e - mail (world wide web)

7. Overall, work efficiency enhancements

8. Setup of the Exchange server's email system, such as SMTP

9. Help while facilitating video content and reporting.

Gate pass system’s report presentation, which includes: Component Dashboard (Graph & Grid view)

1. Integration of assets and materials using barcode technology.

2. Users can log in according to registration.

3. GST computations with HSN codes and accompanying reports

4. The option to add more than one document at each stage.

5. Notifying the vendor through email when supplies are received, sent, or are overdue


Touchpoint material gate pass management system -an intelligent application-is a customizable and feature-rich software that digitizes the entire process of a material’s movement, be it returnable, non-returnable, outbound, or inbound.

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