Integrating visitor experience on a day to day basis

22 NOV 2022
Best Practices

A VMS simply refers to a management implementation system that automates and boosts the process of recording visitor activities relating to their entry & exit, purpose of visit, time of visit and any other relating factors that may be required at the time of their visit. This system can be automated on many levels and create a professional and user friendly environment

Visitor Management System

Actively using VMS is a good choice for each company and the simplest ways to integrate VMS with a company’s workings are as follows:

1. Meetings:

Informing visitors of meetings that are scheduled with them, exact time, location, floor, directions and facilities that will be provided to them in the meeting room is the best way to ensure that the visitors know the exact information that is to be provided at the front desk and will reduce any confusions or miscommunications.

2. Check-in and check-out simplification:

Using a visitor management system not only automates but also entirely simplifies the entire visiting process. Using mobile applications makes the process speedy and hassle free with self-check in options and printable visitor tags.

3. Added layer of security:

A visitor management system employs an added layer of security ensuring that no unwanted personnel enter the workspace by talking past the front desk. Notifications and alert messages are constantly updated and sent to the related parties ensuring that the visitors are tracked and are not given access to any sensitive or confidential information.

A visitor management system is a long term investment that will not only create a professional image of the company in the eyes of the visitors but also help the company by cutting labor costs and ensuring that all information is stored as per requirement and no errors occur. Thus choosing the right VMS can be of vital importance.

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