Return to work made easy with an integrated visitor management system

29 MAR 2022
Best Practices

2020 has been a great year to witness significant advancements in technology and security because of the COVID-19 crisis. While the world is now making peace with the new normal, 2022 continues to make the most of the technical advancements.

The growing need for a digitized workplace has enhanced the implementation of visitor management software for a secure workplace. Without any doubt, digitizing the office premises has been one of the most significant measures taken to ensure the smooth welcome of employees in the workplace post-COVID-19 struggles.

Visitor Management System

Visitor management system to ease the return to work –

Many businesses embrace different measures to ensure better security at the workplace; the visitor management system is undoubtedly the top choice. Here's how the integration and installation of the software is easing the return to work journey convenient –

1. Unique IDs:

While every employee within the organization has a unique ID, a visitor pass management system helps assign unique IDs even to the visitors. Moreover, an organization can distinguish the purpose of the visit by using different colours on the registration card.

2. Pre-registration:

A visitor management system also helps manage the office crowd by ensuring pre-registration of the visitors. Every visitor is instantly notified of their meeting schedule to avoid crowded chaos within the office premises.

Pre-registration sends an email invitation to the visitor, including all the required details to avoid unwanted hassles. Visitor pass software can allocate exclusive passes to visitors for better access.

3. Convenient tracking:

While you welcome many visitors within your office premises, it is important to track their movements. As a result, many organizations are now relying on the visitor tracking system to analyze visitors' movements within the office premises.

It also ensures timely check-in and check-out of the visitor to avoid crowding the place with unwanted hassles.

4. Achieve complete health scanning:

Another important use of visitor management system India is to achieve complete health scanning of the visitors. This helps limit the spread of any virus or infection from one another.


Safety at the workplace is one of the prime concerns irrespective of the mode and location of work. As a result, visitor management system software is necessary to ease the return to work.

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