The transformation features of a manual to a digital material gate pass

19 JUL 2022
Best Practices

A paperless workplace used to appear like something out of a sci-fi movie. But nowadays, paperless is gradually taking over as the norm in all kinds of offices.The reasons are obvious. Going paperless has advantages for both the customer and the company. It begins with the registration procedure if your organization are not yet ready to transition to a fully paperless workplace. A paperless check-in procedure like material gate pass is safer, more effective, and more practical. And getting started is simple.

Visitor Management System

1. Security is provided by paperless

Observing each time the amount of material enters or leaves the organization's premises. It is necessary for any firm, to maintain the security of the material and its details. This includes coworkers, clients, vendors, couriers, and others. Simply put, no firm can afford to have material leave the workplace without all the relevant information. This makes the company vulnerable to theft and personal assault. The material can check in as it arrives and receives instructions on what to do or where to go next with a paperless registration system by material gate pass softwear. This reduces aimless pacing. Additionally, it confirms what materials are on the organization's property.

2. Decreases the number of check-in processes

For every vehicle and its material, the check-in procedure can be frustrating. If the workplace is busy, the loaded vehicle may be held up in the check-in line behind such a large line. Their annoyance increases with the length of the line. They might have to wait even longer when they eventually approach the gate entrance for them to confirm their vehicle and its material details or contact information. To verify the arrival of the vehicle and obtain directions on what to do next, the gate security might need to make a call to a certain department. While check-in typically takes five minutes, it can be finished in a quarter of that time with a paperless approach by Gate Pass Management System Software. Going paperless will create a quicker and more seamless check-in experience for your visitors.

3. Contact-Free

The global pandemic has caused us all to become a little more health-conscious. As a reason, handling shared items like markers, notepads, or even a manual check-in process may make everyone shudder. A paperless method like gate pass for material allows for the offering of a contactless check-in function to users like drivers who would prefer to avoid unnecessary touch. A QR code which is showcase by Gate Pass Software on the check-in system can be easily scanned using a smartphone to complete the check-in process. By doing so, a browser that walks users through the check-in procedure will open.

4. Safeguarding privacy

Have you ever gone over a sign-in sheet's names? It's not like someone is attempting to spy around, but it's impossible to ignore the other names on the list. Whether it be personal information about a person or a car's driver, privacy is crucial to everyone. Nobody wants their name or other personal information, like their phone number or email address, to be known by others.Anyone can only view the forms that apply to them when an organization becomes paperless and with the help of Gate Pass Management System. They are blind to the intricacies and the information of others. Additionally, it shields the entry log from rivals. That's accurate. It's a very real security problem that a firm needs to guard against since dishonest rivals can enter any company and covertly check the paper logs to learn what kind of material was brought into the building and when.


A paperless solution for managing material gate passes will enhance the entire experience. The gate pass management system will get rid of the gate security officers, freeing them up to handle more complex jobs than just manning a pen and clipboard. The company can do that since it's one of the best things they can do. Time, money, and sanity can all be saved. Additionally, the paperless check-in process will be inventive, quick, quick, and safe. It benefits both parties.

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