What advantages may gate pass software bring to your company?

26 JUL 2022
Best Practices

The material is an asset for any organization and its proper entry should be taken care by every authorize person who is dealing with the material.Morover every time capturing the right detail is tough to anyone that’s why any sector, whether it is hospitality or manufacturing, needs to have an effective material gate pass management system. That's because the materials are becoming a more important factor in determining how successful a particular business is.

Visitor Management System

•  The software for managing material gate passes is ideally situated to give the organization a customized solution that complies with Standards such as ISO standards to meet business material tracking requirements both today and in the long term.

•  This software for a material gate pass is set to monitor the flow of materials into and out of the plant. Businesses can reduce material loss and stop illegal access to materials by streamlining and automating the real-time monitoring process.

•  The power to automatically send escalation emails to the appropriate heads of departments to detect anomalies is part of Material Gate Pass Management's capability to track the movement of products (as specified depending on the user's business).

•  With the help of this Gate Pass Software, companies can now keep a record of the number of materials they have ordered as well as allocate an employee accountable for each asset.

Key characteristics:

1.  Keep track of when visitors, contract staff, vehicles, and material enter and leave.

2.  Authorize each entry

3.  Pop-up notifications (messages) on client Computers and SMS* on mobile devices for electronic authorization

4.  Approve, forward, or deny a transaction. Pass forms users can create themselves or use of the database.

5.  Workplace MIS

6.  Only one day passes and multi-entry, extended-duration passes

7.  Individual data input forms (fields and labels)

8.  Informative control centers: online users, wait times for permission, history of visits, and present visitors


This Gate Pass Management System Software fully streamlines the whole process of material management and offers support at every stage of organization’s various levels.Every standard operating procedure examines in great detail, ensuring that the software contains even the smallest functionality. Gate pass is a software program that, in the most basic terms possible, allows huge organizations to handle electronic records of a variety of actions at their entry and departure points.

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