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Whether you’re hosting a permanent or a temporary exhibition, you should definitely consider the safety of the exhibitors and that of the visitors. With an efficient visitor management system in place, you will be able to easily track visitors. One challenge you will face while providing safety protection during exhibition is dealing with the sheer number of people visiting the facility. You have to set up a security system that is inconspicuous, but still keeps an eye on each and every visitor to the place. TouchPoint visitor management system offers the best solution for such situations.

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    TouchPoint Exhibition Management Module Features:

  • Can be used as a part of the visitor management system or as a standalone system.
  • Can be adapted to work with vernacular languages, and so doesn’t need strong English knowledge or technical base.
  • Creates ID badge for all exhibitors and stall owners for easy check at the gate.
  • ID Badge will indicate accessible areas and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Can be used to track material movement in and out of the facility.
  • Knowledge base can be updated with all details of exhibitors, sponsors, stall owners and more.
  • For pre-registered exhibitions, details of attendees can also be added to the knowledge base.
  • For open events, gate pass can be issued to all the visitors after collecting their basic details for security purposes.

    TouchPoint Makes Visitor Management Simple and Secure

  • Gate pass provides limited access to visitors and will also allow security to keep track of entry and exit time.
  • Contractors should show authorized receipts for the items they are bringing in or taking out.
  • Visitors who purchase items should show their bill of purchase for verification.
  • Secures the facility, but also allows seamless event management.
  • Helps create a professional front for a well planned and managed exhibition.
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Visitor Management System

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