Multi Tenancy Buildings

Multi Tenancy Buildings

Security measures to be followed in multi-tenancy buildings are completely different from what is required in a single tenant facility. When there are multiple tenants using a particular facility, you should take into consideration the different types of visitors, materials and employee movement to plan and execute security measures. The visitor management system you use should be versatile and able to meet the requirements of all the users. Plus, the module should be accessible by all the tenants and the security person at the gate.

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    TouchPoint Multi Tenancy Building Visitor Management Module Features:

  • Creates a central repository that contains all the visitors’ details of all the tenants in the building.
  • Clever software allows each tenant to access and make changes only to their login without affecting the other data in the knowledge base.
  • Contractor management module will contain details of the different contractors.
  • Repeat visitors and contractors can be provided ID badge for quick check in.
  • When visitor crosses the gate, a message via SMS or email is triggered to the authorized person.
  • Can be customized to allow self entry of repeat visitors and contractors.
  • Material Management module checks entry and exit of materials at the gate.
  • Tracks material movement till it reaches its destination.
  • A validation with a digital signature will complete the tracking process.

    Benefits of TouchPoint Visitor Management Module:

  • Easy user interface enables effortless operation.
  • Even those who have no technical knowledge will be able to use this security system.
  • Gate ID allows restricted entry based on the information provided by the tenants.
  • Visitors of one tenant will not be able to access areas of other tenants.
  • Data backup will allow security to crosscheck visitors who came to the facility in case of any emergency or problem.
  • Self entry of repeat visitors reduces work load of the security at the gate.
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