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The Hotels Association of India has a “Guidelines for Security Measures for Hotels” that recommends all hotels to have a 3-tier security system to ensure the utmost protection for their guests. The front end of the hotel will look peaceful, calm and very organized, but the backend will be a hive of activity. From hotel staff and vendors to contractors and temporary staff, people and materials keep moving in and out constantly. It will be a great strain for the security persons to manually keep track of all the movement. One efficient and effective method you can use to enhance security measures in your facility is by using TouchPoint visitor management software customized for hotels.

This comprehensive software is user friendly and can even be personalized for use by non-English speaking users. A hotel runs on and around visitors, and therefore all measures should be taken to ensure their protection. This management software offers a comprehensive tracking solution for everyone from the room boy to the hotel manager. Visitor management software modules can be designed to be specifically accessed by certain people.

Hotels deal with numerous types of contractors, from food vendors to travel agents. The contractor management module allows the hotel staff to easily keep track of the contractors. It lets the security persons know who has entered the hotel facility with what material and for what purpose. It will also alert the security personal about the contractor movements in unauthorized areas. Contactor management module also consolidates and lists materials brought in by the contractors, which will prove useful while billing.

This software can also be programmed to track the entry and exits of the numerous temporary staff as well. If there are multiple entry and exit points in the hotel, TouchPoint visitor management software can be used to monitor all the points and keep a centralized tab of all the movement.

TouchPoint Visitor Management Software also generates material gate pass to ensure every material moving into or outside the facility is tracked. This gate pass doesn’t work just one time, but can be used to follow the material movement from the start to the end point. So, if the hotel is catering to another facility, this management module will help ensure that all the materials reach the right person at the end point. Also, it will require a validation from the receiver to close the task.

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